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  • Whipped Body Butter

    Hemp CBD Whipped Body Butter by Heritage Hemp Farm, 1oz.

    Heritage Hemp Farm’s whipped body butters are a blend of shea butter, almond oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, bees wax, arrowroot powder, viamin E and hemp extract infused coconut oil.

    Available in: Unscented, Rosemary Mint, Orange Creamsicle, Lavender, Hippie, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lovey Dovey, Juniper & Clove.

  • Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Everson & Richards, LLP are Criminal Defense Attorneys serving the state of Wisconsin.  Our Areas of Practice include: Criminal Offenses, DNR Violations, Drug Offenses, Drugged Driving, Drunk Driving: DUI and OWI, Federal Crimes, Infractions, Misdemeanor Offenses, Ordinance Violations, Restraining Orders, Traffic Violations, and more.

  • Attorneys and Legal Header

    Wisconsin Speeding Ticket Attorneys

    Do you need a traffic court lawyer? Are you looking for a traffic attorney in Wisconsin?  We are Wisconsin traffic lawyers who specialize in Wisconsin traffic laws and traffic violations.  We excel at providing quality legal services for those facing speeding tickets and all other types of traffic violation laws in Wisconsin.

  • Women’s Wide Calf Boots, Tall, 10WW, Never Worn

    I bought these Women’s Wide Calf / Tall / 10WW boots at least 7 years ago online and never got around to returning them.  They sat in a box in the closet, but I never wore them, other than to try them on.   I paid over $80 for these brand new.

    Just for your reference, this is where I originally bought the boots from:

    They no longer carry these styles, but you can see similar boots and prices there from the same store.

  • Wooden Snowflakes

    My partner in life and in art made a selection of wooden snowflakes out of different types of wood.

    These will be available the way they are but will also be available in mini painting style, with a painted finish, or sparkle clear coat

  • Yooper Winery

    Yooper Winery in Menominee, MI

    Yooper Winery features wines made from cold climate grapes and a variety of Northern Michigan grown fruit.

    Available for tasting by appointment after regular business hours.

  • Domain Name Registration

    An example of a domain name is A domain name is a necessary component in building your website. Domain names are often seen in analogy to real estate in that domain names are foundations on which a website can be built.

    Domain names are used to establish a unique identity. Organizations can choose a domain name that corresponds to their name, helping Internet users to reach them easily. Register your unique domain name today.

  • Tie-dye Psychedelic Dragon Painting

    This gorgeous Tie-dye Psychedelic Dragon painting by Christina Bunker has previously been on display at 5 shows and a Festival.

    Created with layers of acrylic, colorshifting, metallic, and sparkle paints.

    Hand made in Menominee, Michigan.

  • 3D Geometric Dreamcatcher Inspired String Art Prisms

    These are dreamcatcher inspired metal-framed 3D geometric string art that are part of a matching RGB crystal themed combos with matching kitty ears.

    The blue prism piece is currently with the artist.

    The red and green prism string art pieces are on display at Prickly Pear Studio in Menominee, Michigan and are also $250 each.

  • UV Reactive Glow in the Dark Dreamcatcher

    These sweet little dreamcatchers are both uv reactive with glow-in-the-dark droplets.

    Holographic feathers and other types of charms and accessories can be added upon request for an additional fee.

    Hand made in Menominee, Michigan.

  • Custom E-Commerce Shopping Cart Website

    Get a professionally developed, search engine friendly E-Commerce shopping cart website which is fast, fully responsive and mobile friendly no matter what size resolution or type of device your customers may be using. Easily edit your pages, blog entries, products, and other content with no programming knowledge needed.

  • Managed cPanel WordPress Web Hosting

    Purchase business web hosting on a dedicated server. Includes cPanel access and a free self-signing SSL certificate to secure your website. Also includes WordPress Management Services.

    The server software, firewall, and other security features are up to date and monitored around the clock. I am proactive in keeping the server up to date, and finding and fixing any problems. I go above and beyond for my dedicated web hosting clients, at a tiny fraction of the cost of having your own dedicated web hosting server.

  • Online Business Consultation

    Whether you are preparing to start a business or already have an established business, there are going to be times when you need advice, guidance or help from another business professional. Your business can benefit from the 20+ years of online business experience that Green Web Design brings to the table.

    From building a fast, responsive and mobile friendly website, to helping identify your most desired keywords and phrases, to optimizing your images and text, to submitting sitemaps to search engines, gathering data about your website traffic, and more, Green Web Design knows exactly what to do to create a successful online presence for your business of any type or size.

  • Hire a Social Media Manager

    Are you ready to promote your website with social media? Or perhaps you already have a Facebook page, Twitter profile, Instagram account, Pinterest profile, and other social networking pages and apps set up for your business, but don’t have time to make new posts or maintain them?  Maybe you just need help targeting the types of followers you want to gain. Effective Social media campaigns can do wonders for a business.  But where do you start? Hire a Social Media Management expert. Hire Green Web Design!

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising

    Green Web Design is committed to delivering exceptional Online Advertising, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to clients, no matter what size or type business they have. They offer a variety of online marketing services for small business owners.